FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Hijack?

It's a first of its kind restaurant on wheels. It's a double decker bus, with upper deck open to air and the lower deck is air conditioned. Both the decks have a seating capacity of 20 each. While on the ride , we will serve you with a 5 course pure vegetarian menu, good music and an adventurous drive of 90 minutes across the skyline of the city.

2. Can I book a table or have to book an entire bus?

You can book a single table as well as book for more seats. Choice of the deck is also available.

3. Will you serve a customized menu?

While we have a fixed menu, which changes every week, you will be able to book a customized menu if you book the entire deck /bus, or have a private trip. We will liaise with NOVOTEL team to get a menu and food of your choice. The menu is vegetarian, and Jain. We do not serve non vegetarian menu on the ride.

4. Which route we take?

Presently, you will be required to come to NOVOTEL, S.G. Road. You will be Hijacked from there, towards South Bopal - S.P. Ring Road - Sindhu bhavan Road - Pakwan Circle - S.G. Road and back. This route can change from time to time and as per the logistic requirement of the company.

5. Can I book for private parties?

Yes, you can book the bus for private parties, as well as customize the timings, packages, ride and decoration according your choice & preference.

6. How do I book the tickets?

The ticket booking is completely online. And all the platforms are available to assist you on the same. Incase of any queries you can call us on our customer care numbers.

7. Do I need to carry a printout of the same? What happens if I donot receive a mail or sms on the same?

You are not required to carry a printout, however it would be good if you do. You will receive the booking details on your registered email address and as well as on SMS, with link for the same. Incase you face any challenges, please feel free to call us. We are here to assist you.

8. Can I reschedule my trip?

Yes, you can, but within a weeks time and as per availability. We are here to make your trip wonderful.

9. How does Hijack ensure the safety of its customers?

Hijack has ensured that all necessary safety measures are in place, right from fire and safety, to travel. Hijack travels at a speed not more than 30 km/hr. Also there are representatives of the company on the drive to assist with any challenges faced by the customers just incase.

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